Whose Straps? ShooStraps!

You would absolutely adore your cute summer sandals, if they didn’t keep flying off of your feet every five minutes.

Your bestie has let you borrow her new killer heels this weekend, only to find they are too big for you and make you waddle like a penguin.

You have a wardrobe full of footwear, but you have worn them over and over again and you want something different!

Come on girls, you know these dilemmas i’m talking about. So I am going to let you in on a BIG fashion tip. This secret will sort out all of your shoe troubles as well as multiplying the amount of footwear styles you have in your wardrobe by… well heaps, without buying another pair of shoes. SAY WHAT?

Ok, no more waiting. I introduce to you… ShooStraps.

ShooStraps are detachable straps that help keep shoes on feet if they slip off. Not only are they practical, but their different styles and designs make your feet like-totally fabulous.

The awesome stretch material on ShooStraps enable easy fitting onto shoes and ankles – of all sizes! The range of designs are so diverse, they really can be worn at any time and for any occasion. So when I just can’t make my shoes work for me, ShooStraps are my latest fashion ‘go to’.

Look how they transformed my stilettos, which I used to not wear out due to poor fitting. Now I can wear these shoes without any worry of them falling off or spending the day walking at a snail’s pace.


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.07.34 pm.png


IMG_2781IMG_2857 copy

Head to www.elizamay.com where you can purchase these life savers (or foot savers)!shoostraps1

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