BoxBetty; What to get when you’re stumped for what to get.

Finally ladies, we have been blessed with the answer.

This really couldn’t have come at a better time for me. It was the Tuesday morning after the long Easter weekend and I was feeling rather miserable about getting back into the swing of a weekly routine. I was mid university assignment when a surprise package turned up at my door; BoxBetty had arrived.


Photography: Riana

This adoring pink box, which had been elegantly parceled with ribbon, was filled with the most thoughtful presents that were customised just for me. I had been presented with a tropical-themed delight of gifts including bath salts, a beautifully scented handmade soy candle, a tropical banana leaf clutch and a green water bottle. I was overwhelmed by this considerate offering, particularly as I was feeling so low. BoxBetty brought a little tear to my eye.

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I would like to thank BoxBetty for truly making me smile on a blue day. I strongly encourage you to take a look at their website, because whether it’s for mothers day, an engagement, a congratulations, or just an I’m thinking of you gesture, this really is a sincere and personal way of letting somebody know they are in your thoughts.

(They even have a box specifically created for your broken-hearted girlfriends!!)

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